Find out who the mystery Democrats will be on your ballot

Guess how many Democrats will be on your ballot in Fairfax County when you vote on Tue., Nov. 5 (or earlier — see this article on how to vote early). 

Answer: 13

Guess how many will have a capital “D” next to their name.

Answer: 2

This is why it is important for Democratic voters to download a sample ballot from the Fairfax County Democratic Committee website. Don’t depend on getting one at the polling station, although FCDC aims to have volunteers at every site throughout the day (polls are open 6 am – 7 pm).

Download a sample ballot for your jurisdiction by clicking here and entering your address. The same page will tell you your magisterial district and your polling place.

As a reminder, here are the names of the unidentified Democrats. Nine of them will appear on every ballot, and two will be specific to your magisterial district:

All ballots will include:

Board of Supervisors Chairman: Jeff McKay

Commonwealth’s Attorney: Steve Descano

Sheriff: Stacey Kincaid

At-large School Board members: Karen Keys-Gamarra, Abrar Omeish, Rachna Sizemore Heizer

Soil & Water Board directors: Gerald Peters, Chris Koerner, Monica Billger

Each district will have its own Democratic candidate for that district’s Board of Supervisors and School Board.

District Board of Supervisors School Board
Braddock James R. Walkinshaw Megan O. McLaughlin
Hunter Mill Walter L. Alcorn Melanie K. Meren
Dranesville John W. Foust Elaine V. Tholen
Lee Rodney L. Lusk Tamara J. Derenak Kaufax
Mason Penelope A. Gross Ricardy J. Anderson
Mount Vernon Daniel G. Storck Karen L. Corbett Sanders
Providence Dalia A. Palchik Karl V. Frisch
Springfield Linda D. Sperling Laura Jane H. Cohen
Sully Kathy L. Smith Stella G. Pekarsky

And of course don’t forget to vote for the two Democrats — state senator and state delegate — who DO have the D next to their names on the ballot!

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