Fairfax confident of Biden-Harris victory

By Bryan Graham, Chair, Fairfax County Democratic Committee:

Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia sent a confident message that four years of Donald Trump was more than enough. While we continue to wait on decisive results from Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, we are sure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will emerge victorious when all votes are counted.

As we await the normal process of tabulation and validation to complete, Republicans have sadly continued their attack against voters. After working to make it harder to vote, they are attempting to change the rules after the end of the election, sow disinformation, and they undoubtedly will try to stop counting to abandon true votes of American citizens. These are desperate acts of a party that knows it can’t win following the rules. Republicans want to lead without the consent of the governed.

In the midst of a pandemic, more Fairfax County voters have come out than ever to send this message. While counts are not final, the 240,000+ vote margin of victory in Fairfax County is again decisive in our solidly blue Commonwealth. Fairfax County voters chose Biden-Harris over Trump-Pence by a more than 2-to-1 margin. We also easily reelected Senator Mark Warner and our Members of Congress: Jennifer Wexton, Gerry Connolly, and Don Beyer.

We are brimming with optimism that, when the results are clear, we will emerge with real leadership for America. Our country can emerge from this pandemic with plans and resources that will keep people safe while allowing economic recovery. We are excited about leadership that works to heal the division in this country instead of dividing us. We look forward to real plans to improve health care, create green jobs and industry, and repair the damage done by the disastrous Trump administration. Lastly, we shift to continuing to move Virginia forward as we decide the next leaders of our Commonwealth in 2021.